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Our Story

Alofie Pets 

Our Story

As animal lovers, myself and my husband are parents to six, yep, that’s right – six animals!! We got our first rabbit in January 2019 (Roger) which was quickly followed by a buddy for him (fluffy) within a few weeks.

Not long after we decided to expand our animal family by getting a rambunctious little tabby kitten, by the name of Dol following a similar pattern to the rabbits, the thought of getting a buddy for Dol quickly crossed our minds

         Coincidentally, one night my husband was coming into the car park after work to the sound of a helpless little white kitten with a sooty face shivering under the front bumper of a car in the car park. After about three hours of trying to entice the little kitten out so we could feed him we finally won his trust. After a much-needed vet check-up we welcomed him into the family.

 As if four pets wasn’t enough, my husband (an avid dog lover) thought the pack wasn’t complete without a dog. So we got Alofie the German Shepherd. As before the thought of getting him a buddy crossed our minds and all of a sudden Apollo, the Siberian Husky, joined the Heathwood family.

It may sound like a lot of work, on top of an already busy work and family life, but the animals aren’t a chore, it is simply a labor of love. Over the while the joy that the animals have brought to us is priceless and our bond with the animals is so strong our family wouldn’t be the same without them.

So as very experienced pet owners we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our product and pet care knowledge by opening a pet shop, stocking only the best products to help you give your pets the best possible care they deserve.